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Quick check-list

Here you'll find a schematic list of everything you need to see pictures stereoscopically with TRIZAX.
For more detailed information visit How to see 3D with TRIZAX.

  1. The easiest stereoview method is the Stereoscope Applet of Andreas Petersik.

  2. For optimum results in TRIZAX, use shutter-glasses technology:
    For this visualization system, you require:

    1. an Intel Pentium or a 100% Pentium clone computer.
    2. a conventional monitor with a refreshment rate higher than 120 Hz. Flat LCD monitors don't run with shutter-glasses.
    3. a graphic card compatible with the connected glasses. For compatibility check click
    4. a visualization special software, for example the 3D PIX of NuVision ( or the depth-charge of VRex (
    5. an appropriated LC shutter glasses, for example, the Eye3D of the company i-art ( or others with LCD shutter technology.
    6. a good stereovision! If this isn't the case, please consult with your ophthalmologist.
  3. If you own a Dresden D4D ( monitor or an other autostereoscopic 3D display you can also see online TRIZAX┬┤s stereopictures, without shutter-glasses or crossing eyes!


For more detailed information visit How to see 3D with TRIZAX.

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