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How to see 3D with Trizax
Seeing images stereoscopically with TRIZAX is very easy and possible from every computer and monitor. Different methods allow to visualize 3D the pictures currently edited in TRIZAX:
  1. The easiest form to see stereo with TRIZAX is using the Stereoscope Applet (click on this symbol ) developed by Andreas Petersik (Inst. of Math. and Computer Science in Medicine, University Hospital Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany). The Petersiks Stereoscope Applet (latest version: 2.1) is a solution to present stereoscopic images on the net without using plug-ins. The images can be viewed with every JAVA 1.1 capable browser under whatever operating system you want. It allows stereoscopic visualization on flat screen (i.e. notebooks) and no special software or shutter-glasses are required. Using the latest version (2.1) of the Stereoscope Applet, you can see the TRIZAX stereopictures as following:

    1. Crossed viewing.
    2. Parallel viewing.
    3. KMQ viewing.
    4. Mirror viewing.
    5. Shutter views.
    6. Interlaced Shutter view for Shutter glasses supporting line-blanking.
    7. Page-Flipping for Shutter glasses like ELSA Revelator or H3D.
    8. Column interlaced view for lenticular displays,.e.g. Dresden D4D.
    9. TrueColor Anaglyph viewing.
    10. Color Anaglyph viewing.
    11. Pure Anaglyph viewing.
    12. Red-Green Anaglyph.
    13. Red-Blue Anaglyph.
    14. Greyscale Anaglyph viewing.
    15. Mono viewing left or right.

  2. More comfortable stereo perception is provided by the LCD shutter glasses technology, if you have already installed additional software and hardware - not very expensive - in your computer.
    To visualize the pictures in stereo, click directly on the thumbnail you want to see. If you dont have installed any stereo plugin, the preview stereo picture will not be showed, but there is the possibility to download the DepthCharge 2.0 software free of charge.
    Please read more:

    1. For optimum results you must use an Intel Pentium or a 100% Pentium clone computer.

    2. You need a conventional PC monitor. For best results the refreshment rate must be higher than 120 Hz. Flat LCD monitors were excluded for this kind of stereovisualization.

    3. You need a graphic card compatible with the connected glasses. For compatibility of your LCD glasses with other graphic cards visit

    4. You need a special visualization software. The are different computer assisted systems for the stereoscopic visualization of images. TRIZAX has adopted the 3D PIX Stereoscopic Image Editor, v. 3.0b 3D PIX, which supports the Internet standard for full resolution stereo images, JPS (two separate images in a JPEG file). 3D PIX software is a creation of NuVision (MacNaughton, Inc) and a demo version can be downloaded for free for 30 days here. Other software can be downloaded for free, e.g. the DepthCharge™ 2.0 viewing software of Vrex ( This software allows you to view also 3D images with many types of viewing methods regardless of the format of the 3D images.
      You also need the Win3D runtime files, v. 2.1 Win3D, a stereoscopic library from the Win3D company that enables Windows applications to display stereoscopic images. It allows stereoscopic applications to work with almost all video cards and nearly all VR gear, especially NuVision products from MacNaughton, Inc.
      System Requirements 3D PIX Viewer and 3D PIX Plug-in require Microsoft Windows 95 or 98, Win3D (included with the download) and DirectX, DirectX 3.0 or later will work. If you have installed an earlier copy of 3D PIX, we strongly recommend that you remove the older version before a new installation.
      For technical support concerning the 3D PIX software, please email
      Check the video cards, and the VR gear supported by Win3D.
      The retail version, which includes both the 3D PIX editor and plug-in, is available for just $29.95 from MacNaughton, Inc., by calling 503-617-2200, or sending an email to
      For more information about software which allows to see 3D on your computer, please visit

    5. You need appropriated LCD shutter glasses. TRIZAX recommends the Eye3D LCD glasses of i-Art Corporation (, the 60GX wireless stereoscopic LCD glasses developed by NuVision (, the VR Cordless Shutter Glasees of VRex ( or others constructed with similar LCD shutter technology.
      To find your appropriate LCD shutter glasses, please visit

  3. The ultimate experience to see TRIZAXs pictures in stereo without glasses is provided by using a flat autostereoscopic 3D display e.g. the Dresden D4D monitor ( or the DTI 3D flat panel displays from Dimension Technologies Inc. ( You get access to this viewing method in the Applet Stereoscope and select the column interlaced view for lenticular displays.

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